Nice To Meet You…

Blossoming in the diversity of photography,

it allows me to evolve in varied environments. Beginning to work in Parisian cabaret’s at the age of twenty or following the rally Tunisian on holidays with my back pack. Starting with films (argentique) and progressing with digital, I am very thankful to have made this transformation while working with the general public and also celebrities. In my travels, I had the opportunity to work for the French government often over a 4 year period ( Prime Minister Manuel Valls ) and in Australia working freelance missions ( Pope Benoit XVI or Sydney Swans football team). From weddings, action sports to family studio photos, births, special events and animal photography, I have refined my photography technique, always with a passion for more intense images. For the last 7 years I have focused most of my energy photographing around 100 weddings .

What makes me happy to go to work?

Every wedding is magic by it’s difference! From the bride and groom, their family, their friends, their culture, and their objective.

From country, region and the weather that accompanies it. My day will be a surprise but the challenge is every time to deliver a professional and artistic product to my customers.

My secret weapons:

  • experience
  • material
  • vivacious personality
  • well being.

To finish, I say in French :

          Chaque évènement est unique! Son succès passe par le souvenir que l’on en garde!

From Sydney to London, from the Tunisian desert to the Riviera Maya; from the Caribbean islands to the “Chic” corners of Paris. Nick, a real globe trotter, has adapted his own photographic style for the last 20 years.Working with people from all walks of life. From the unknown to celebreties, from high society to middle class, all races, all sexualities , atheist, catholic, muslim, protestant, jewish, and hindu, Nick loves to learn and loves to share all of the magical moments with his whole heart, and this, you will find in his photographs.

How do you choose a photographer that will help you, guide you and most of all leave you with photographs that will create emotions within your soul that you haven’t felt before?

The love of your life, has declared his unconditional love and you have decided on a destination wedding in Mexico.

From Cancun, Playa del Carmen to Tulum, the region of Quintana Roo, truly is a romantic and picturesque back drop ( tropical beach photography, cenote photography, jungle photography)Choosing your accommodation, wedding planner, florist, rings, cake, dress, hairstylist and make up artist can be overwhelming… Wow! Seems like a lot! So when it is time to choose your wedding photographer, you have a lot to consider.

On this special day, Nick can be the professional wedding photographer with his sharp eye.

A wedding photographer has a responsibility to give his utmost. All wedding photographers have something special to offer. So out of all them, which one do you choose? You have probably read it all before – ‘Modern, spontaneous, unique, award winning, – the list goes on. With Nicolas Tanguy he believes that his photos will enliven you, his retouching amaze you, and his energetic and friendly approach impress you” .

Passionate! He know’s how to capture the best moments of your wedding. His effervescence and professionalism will allow him to immortalize your happiness and to restore your emotions. He enjoys using different techniques such as studio lighting, strobist or natural light, sometimes with reflector. Like a fine chef creating a dish, they must find the correct technique and tools to arrive at the desired result.

A natural entertainer! Nicolas has the ability and energy to motivate and encourage the most timid of guests. Obviously, they will thank him for his interaction.He will become the best friend of your grand parents to your children. This will help them stay natural and relaxed for this special day.

Organiser! With these attributes, it helps his efficiency and rapidity to orientate the group when needed in association with the bride and groom. A big fan of the theatre he has a small taste for staging a scene. If you need, and if you ask, Nicolas will organise for you some fun and original situations where everyone will have a place.

Also discreet! But not naturally, in the last twenty years, he has learnt to take a step back for those spontaneous photos and your intimate moments. Ask him, tell him, be honest for the best outcome you could imagine. By his experience, Nick knows for most brides, your wedding day is a dream of a princess coming to life. Some moments will be very emotional and his presence felt but not intrusive.

Professional! He will listen to your ideas and in return, gives his advice and experience to get the best shots close to your dream. However, always looking for original images, that will surprise you for the better. A professional photographer can reproduce an image that has been used many times before but adapt it to the present customer. To do this takes time and patience of both the photographer and the clients. Nick with his organisation skills will make this seem effortless.

French touch! You can’t help but smile when you hear him speak.